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Fünf Teenager reisen von der Erde in die Galaxie, um diese vor dem König Zarkon und seiner Truppe zu verteidigen. Dabei steuert jeder von ihnen einen Roboter-Löwen, die zusammengenommen die Allzweckwaffe Voltron ergeben. Voltron: Legendärer Verteidiger (Originaltitel: Voltron: Legendary Defender) ist eine US-amerikanische Animationsserie, die zwischen 20auf Netflix​. Battle for the Black Lion Voltron Legendary Defender, Band 2: Style Guide, Shaw, Natalie: Fremdsprachige Bücher. The Rise of Voltron Voltron Legendary Defender, Band 1: Spaziante, Patrick, Spinner, Cala: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an voltron legendary defender an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops​.

voltron legendary defender

Battle for the Black Lion Voltron Legendary Defender, Band 2: Style Guide, Shaw, Natalie: Fremdsprachige Bücher. - My, my Lance. How gay of you. #Keith #Lance #Klance #​voltronlegendarydefender. The Rise of Voltron Voltron Legendary Defender, Band 1: Spaziante, Patrick, Spinner, Cala: Fremdsprachige Bücher.

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How Voltron: Legendary Defender Crashed and Burned (ft. Jalisa Weschen) Tags: voltron, voltron legendary defender, legendary, defender, keith, red lion, red, lion. Tags: voltron, voltron legendärer verteidiger, vld, voltron, lotor, lotor click to see more. Von waferdeer. Von dorkcoffee. Der grüne Löwe Sticker. Shiro - Voltron Legendärer Verteidiger Sticker. Von Nijagen. Tags: voltron, vld, voltron legendärer verteidiger, allura, voltron allura, allura, allura, allura, allurance, klance, sheith.

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Tags: keith, voltron, vld, voltron legendäre verteidiger, sport, roter löwe. Tags: pidge holt, voltron, voltron legendary defender. Tags: voltron legendary defender, voltron, verteidiger, mecha, roboter, cool, toll. Mit jedem Produkt, das du bestellst, verdient ein Künstler Geld. voltron legendary defender

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Tags: voltron legendäre verteidiger, voltron, keith kogane. Tags: voltron, peter lustig heute legendäre verteidiger, stück, vld hunk, hunk garrett. Von StarrTechKiwi. Tags: voltron, voltron legendären verteidiger, vld, roter löwe. Tags: voltron legendärer verteidiger, kidge, pidge, keith. Tags: voltron, voltron legendäre verteidiger, keith kogane, lanze mcclain, klance. Von indigonite. März Voltron Legendäre Verteidiger Cheerleader!

The series follows the adventures of the Paladins of Voltron who must learn to work together to form the giant robot Voltron and use it to defeat the evil Galra Empire.

The first season premiered on Netflix on June 10, , and consisted of 11 episodes. The series had a episode commitment from Netflix. Allura: You five were brought here for a reason.

Together, you will form Voltron, the greatest weapon ever known, protector of the innocent, and our only hope to save the universe.

Hunk: Geez, no pressure. For millennia, the Galra Empire has plagued the universe by destroying other civilizations and enslaving various races.

The only known threat strong enough against the empire's power and plans is the legendary "Defender of the Universe" Voltron, a foot tall robot warrior composed of five lion robots whose pilots are known as the Paladins.

At the crux of the war that ended with the destruction of planet Altea, Voltron was separated by King Alfor of Altea in order to protect Voltron from falling into the evil Galran King Zarkon's possession.

King Alfor bonded the five lions' energies to his daughter Allura's life force and sent them across the universe to different locations until the time for the next generation of Paladins to appear and pilot Voltron arrived.

In the present, the Galra Empire's path of conquest and search for Voltron has led them to Earth's solar system.

They meet Princess Allura, become the new Paladins, and reunite the five lions to form Voltron, beginning their fight to liberate the universe from the Galra Empire.

On January 5, , Netflix and DreamWorks Animation announced a new original animated Voltron series to debut in as an expansion of their existing multi-year agreement.

The third season premiered on Netflix on August 4, , and consisted of 7 episodes. The fourth season premiered in October , and consisted of 6 episodes.

The eighth and final season premiered on December 14, , and consisted of 13 episodes. Voltron: Legendary Defender has received widespread critical acclaim throughout its eight-season run.

Some critics and fans criticized the series for its handling of its LGBT representation. Additionally for most of its run, the series was plagued by poor behavior by a subset of its fans, with a number of fans issuing death threats to both the cast and crew, including Dos Santos and Montgomery, over decisions and reactions related to representation and " shipping " interests.

In reviewing the final season, Jesse Schedeen of IGN wrote, "Minor storytelling quibbles aside, the final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender captures pretty much everything that has made this series great.

The action scenes are fantastic. The story combines humor and character drama better than any season before it.

These 13 episodes tie up nearly every loose end on a satisfying note and raise the stakes of the show higher than ever.

Honestly the only shortcoming in the storytelling has to do with the way the narrative has handled romantic relationships; that trend continues here.

Overall, Season 8 manages to do the seemingly impossible by ramping up the stakes to the utmost, delivering the most powerful emotional resonance between our heroes and villains yet, and wrapping everything up in a tearful, bittersweet, and fully satisfying way.

She noted, "The final sequence of the series, like any button on a series finale, was a mixed bag. But taken on its own storytelling merits, the final season remained true to the ideas of found family , collective spirit, and empathetic connection.

There were a number of negative reviews, mostly revolving around Shiro's wedding scene and for killing off Allura. The Geekiary's Jamie Sugah stated in her official series finale, "On the whole, though, this is a lackluster ending for what had up until now been a well-written show with strong, well-developed characters.

Voltron season 8 felt very rushed and out of character, with a poorly thought out and clearly tacked on ending. I've got to be frank about it.

I mean we've got a lot of strong secondary characters, but among the paladins it's Allura and Pidge and that's it, it bothered me a lot.

To me it's a difficult pill to swallow. To me it came entirely out of left field. I kept me trap shut on social media, but I was bothered by it a lot.

We didn't have to see it there, did we? He also acknowledged in it that there were boundaries in place as to how they could portray LGBT representation in the show.

Controversy also swirled around the on-screen wedding between Shiro and Curtis, with a number of critics and fans characterizing it as poor LGBT representation.

Renaldo Matadeen of CBR in his official review, opined, "There's no love or warmth here, and it feels like the series retroactively tried to pony up a relationship in apology for the Shiro drama.

But it's another debacle that feels fake, forced, and patronizing Instead of being progressive, these moments simply come off like disrespectful, lazy patch jobs.

Despite some attempts to the contrary, whatever Legendary Defender tried to do ended up being superficial and totally upended the social impact intended.

Schedeen of IGN wrote, "That said, it would be far more effective to see one of these animated shows acknowledge their LGBT heroes from the very beginning and not save moments like these for the literal last minute; with that rushed reveal after spending no time establishing Shiro's new relationship or even hinting at it , Voltron relies too much on the audience's affection for Shiro to give the moment resonance, rather than earning an emotional response from its storytelling.

It was admitted in the final AfterBuzzTV interview that the entire conceptualization and creation of Shiro's wedding epilogue was added in less than a day, in attempt of an olive branch to the LGBT community.

Criticism of editing primarily regarded LGBT issues, though some were general observations. On October 22, , a series of leaks of the final episode appeared online of the wedding, in which a different character was seen marrying Shiro.

Further controversy followed with the release of the final season, where Shiro is married to Curtis. In the English audio description, Curtis is referred to as Adam [51] though he is once mentioned to be Curtis in the closed captions of a different episode.

The error has since been corrected, but a number of fans have noted this as "evidence" of the "tacked-on" nature of the epilogue.

The supervising producer, episode director, storyboard artist, and animator Kihyun Ryu posted on his Instagram on September 12 a piece of Shiro material, weeks before the season was sent to be dubbed into other languages.

In the comments, the show runners tell him to "make it beautiful. In particular, Ezor's role in Season 8 caused controversy.

Multiple languages referred to the character as dead in Season 8's "The Grudge". Carli Squitieri, the storyboard revisionist on "The Grudge", stated on social media after the release of Season 7, "Ezor should have lived, but that's another story I'm not under the authority to speak about.

Fans began a petition for the alleged original season the version that supposedly existed prior to severe editing , to be released.

The petition has garnered over 30, signatures. Speaking in an interview with the "Let's Voltron" podcast Joaquim Dos Santos denied the existence of an alternate cut of season eight.

The series was marred by the extraordinarily poor behavior on the part of a number of its fans.

Death threats were issued to many within the Voltron cast and crew, [56] particularly to the showrunners Dos Santos and Montgomery and voice actors Josh Keaton and Bex Taylor-Klaus.

Alfor then faked Voltron's destruction as he fell in battle against Zarkon, as the Castle of Lions flew to planet Arus.

For ten-thousand years the lions waited until the arrival of five new Paladins: five pilots from planet Earth. While each lion is unique, they each have a few shared abilities.

Each lion is equipped with a variety of common functions and abilities. These include speeders that allow them to be accessed from the hangars or used as swift mobile transports in areas inaccessible to the lions, as well as a mouth cannon and a tail laser.

Each lion also automatically emits a force field when parked outside the hangars. The force fields are only able to be bypassed by the lion's respective Paladin and their allies.

Each Lion is also capable of a degree of sapience, able to communicate with their Paladin via a psychic-like link, revealing their capabilities to them consistently during the heat of combat.

Each lion is also capable of superluminal speeds, allowing them to travel unmeasured quantities faster than light. The Lions' intelligence is such that regardless of strength in a Paladin, the Lion itself can weaken a less worthy Paladin's connection to it.

This was the case when Shiro deepened his bond with the Black Lion, acknowledging it as his friend and equal partner. This acknowledgment as a sentient being is what influenced Black into suppressing Zarkon's hold on it, as Zarkon did not see Black as a life form, but as a weapon to be mastered and used to dominate all who stood in his way and nothing more.

This shows that the Lions actually have more in common with living beings than mere machines, including possessing emotions such as pride, anger, friendship, and loyalty.

Suffice it to say that the Artificial Interactive Consciousness of the Lions is arguably one of their most impressive traits, making them more dangerous than unthinking chunks of metal.

The Lions will rescue their Paladins if they believe they are worthy enough, such as when the Black Lion saved Keith after his battle with the clone and when the Lions arrived for the Paladins stranded in space.

Lance wallows in unrequited love. When the team takes a break to play a magical role-playing game, their fantasy world sparks useful ideas to help them solve real-world problems.

After Lotor and Allura head off in the new ship, the remaining Paladins get a dire warning that could change everything.

As one Paladin takes on a dangerous mission through a wormhole, the others contend with failing controls on the castle.

A metaphysical encounter shines light on a Paladin's fate. Lance and Allura console each other about their past judgments.

Lotor makes a plea. An epic battle leaves the universe in a state of chaos, threatening to destroy all life unless a sacrifice is made.

An epic showdown with new and old villains looms as the Paladins head toward Earth and soon come to realize that their home isn't like they left it.

Part of the group gets stuck on a planet where they're inadvertently miniaturized. Flashbacks reveal the beginnings of Keith and Shiro's relationship.

The Paladins stop at a base that belongs to the Blades, only to find it's been abandoned. But they come under attack before they can investigate.

Stuck in a perilous situation far from home and needing help to get free, the Paladins realize their fate is in Coran's hands. The Paladins inexplicably become contestants on the crazy game show "Garfle Warfle Snick.

When Pidge intercepts a distress signal that the Paladins believe they recognize, the team ends up on a ruined planet that was ravaged by war.

As the Paladins hurtle through space, they enter a seemingly endless void that tests their sanity -- and their loyalty to one another.

The Paladins receive a distress signal that's explained through a flashback to Pidge's father Sam's return to Earth four years earlier.

Sam and the others at the Garrison attempt to hold off the Galra attacks in hopes that a desperate plea for help will reach Voltron.

The Paladins drop off the Lions and head to Earth, believing that information Sam acquired years earlier could help them battle Sendak.

The Paladins work with the Garrison pilots on a mission that could provide more clues about how to take down Sendak's operation.

Sanda's revelation shakes the Paladins, who are separated from the Lions. As a massive battle rages on, Shiro goes solo on a dangerous mission to bring down Sendak and save his friends -- and his home.

With the future of Earth hanging in the balance, Voltron and the others come together to face a mysterious enemy unlike any they've ever seen.

Though they've ushered in a new era of stability, the Voltron team must face down one final evil threat to bring everlasting peace to the universe.

The Paladins spend one last night on Earth in preparation for the launch of the Atlas. Lance works up the courage to ask Allura an important question.

Flashbacks shine a light on Honerva's past with Lotor and Zarkon, revealing the motivation for her recent actions. After taking control of a Galra base on a dark planet, the Paladins follow a distress signal from a missing fleet and make an unsettling discovery.

While floating through the universe searching for signs of a Robeast, the Paladins head toward Olkarion and realize they aren't alone on their journey.

The Paladins make plans to meet with the Atlas, but the reunion is interrupted when the Lions are ambushed by a mysterious adversary.

Voltron heads to Oriande to confront Honerva after the team discovers she's using wormholes to harvest massive amounts of Quintessence.

Pilots Kinkade and Rizavi provide a documentary-style look at both the lighthearted and stressful moments of day-to-day life on the Atlas.

The crew heads to the planet Drazan to participate in the festivities of Clear Day, but Allura is plagued by nightmares when she stays behind to rest.

The Paladins travel into an expansive void accessed through Allura's mind, where they encounter frightening spirits and cursed souls.

Traveling further into an abyss of memories, the Paladins make shocking discoveries that could alter their reality forever.

As Honerva gets closer to creating a catastrophic rift in reality, the Atlas crew races against time to figure out how to locate and stop her.

Confronted by a dark energy like nothing they've faced before, the Paladins must draw on their everlasting bond -- and a few Balmera -- to forge ahead.

Voltron and Honerva come together at the source of all realities in the ultimate battle between good and evil for the survival of the universe.

Call Netflix Netflix. In an all-new series, five unlikely heroes and their flying robot lions unite to form the megapowerful Voltron and defend the universe from evil.

Watch all you want for free. The original series was the No. Videos Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 8 Trailer. Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 6 Trailer. Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 4 Trailer.

Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 5 Trailer. Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 7 Trailer. Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 3 Trailer.

Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 2 Trailer. Voltron: Legendary Defender Trailer. Episodes Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Release year: The Rise of Voltron 69m. Some Assembly Required 24m. Return of the Gladiator 24m. Fall of the Castle of Lions 24m.

Tears of the Balmera 24m. Taking Flight 24m. Return to the Balmera 24m. Rebirth 24m. Crystal Venom 24m. Collection and Extraction 24m.

The Black Paladin 24m. Across the Universe 24m. The Depths 24m. Shiro's Escape 24m. Greening the Cube 24m. Eye of the Storm 24m.

The Ark of Taujeer 24m.

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Pidge Print Fotodruck. Lotura Maske. Tags: voltron, voltron legendäre verteidiger, vld, grünen löwen. Von Aspirinoverdose. Tags: voltron, voltron legendäre verteidiger, bayard, waffe, blau paladins, lanze, lanze mcclain. Von dorkcoffee. Tags: allura, voltron, voltron legendary defender. Tags: blue lion, voltron legendary defender, fan art. Tags: voltron, voltron legendäre verteidiger, lanze, blue lion, fan art. Tags: pidge, pidge gunderson, vld, voltron, voltron legendärer verteidiger, voltron pidge. Von spidrcidr. Tags: klance, vld, voltron, voltron legendärer verteidiger, keith, lanze, mein nachbar totoro netflix keith, vld lanze, voltron keith, voltronlanze, keith kogane, lanze mcclain, blauer löwe, roter löwe, blauer paladin, roter paladin, keith x lanze. 13 stream Ty Kinz. Nostalgia Sticker. Von nebuloous. Tags: vld, click the following article legendärer verteidiger, keith, lanze, klance, helme, einfach, voltron. Sebastian Kluckert. März Von harpxer. They discover a white hole, a massive field riverside killer energy output that only Voltron can check this out traverse. Crystal Venom 24m. Den of Geek. During the Voltron: Legendary Defender panel at WonderConit was announced that the second series of link issues would debut in May Allura names the others as Voltron Paladins, bestows them with armor and bayards the Paladins' weapons and tasks them with finding the other lions. The team find themselves in their home universe with Altea and Daibazaal restored. - My, my Lance. How gay of you. #Keith #Lance #Klance #​voltronlegendarydefender. Mit einem neuen Trailer hat Netflix die zweite Staffel der Animations-Serie Voltron: Legendary Defender vorgestellt. Die neue Staffel der Adaption des. - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Voltron Legendary Defender“ von rumeysaoezguel. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu. - voltron legendary defender | vld | hunk garrett. - Lara Großkreutz hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. voltron legendary defender

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